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FLOOR MODEL - ZR8 Zero Runner


Product image 1FLOOR MODEL - ZR8 Zero Runner
Product image 2FLOOR MODEL - ZR8 Zero Runner
Product image 3FLOOR MODEL - ZR8 Zero Runner
Product image 4FLOOR MODEL - ZR8 Zero Runner

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This is a floor model unit.

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The all-new ZR8 was built with one goal in mind – performance. And performance means many things – power, speed, endurance, efficiency, versatility and recovery. With the ZR8 premium zero-impact running machine, you’re equipped to take your running program to the next level.

What makes the ZR8 so unique are the aircraft-grade aluminum legs that facilitate a faster cadence, the lightweight pedals, higher resistance range, performance grips for progression training and technology that helps correct imbalances. Unlike anything available to runners, every detail of the ZR8 is engineered for unprecedented futuristic performance, efficiency, power and speed.  Are you ready to run faster?


  • Smarter than a treadmill
  • Aircraft-grade, light aluminum legs
  • Higher resistance variance
  • Performance grips and contoured moving handles
  • Console displays all your favorite running stats
  • Stride tracing
  • SmartLink™ compatible
  • Bluetooth® 4.0 for mobile device connectivity
  • BLE and ANT+ compatible; heart rate chest strap included
  • Wireless heart rate (Polar, ANT+ and Bluetooth 4.0)
  • Digital contact heart rate
  • Quiet, cordless power operation

Benefits of Zero-Impact Running

The Zero Runner is a hybrid of a treadmill and an elliptical so you get the best of both – a true running motion without the impact. It is a powerful tool that enables runners to better manage repetitive impact forces that over time that can damage the body. 

Replicate real running motion by fully extending your lower leg and kicking up your heel – just like you do outside. Whether running outside or inside, one thing you get is jarring impact. Run smarter on the Zero Runner by supplementing high impact outside runs with lower impact. 

By eliminating stress on the joints and muscles, the Zero Runner helps runners manage recurring issues, avoid future injuries and extend their running career. 

Smarter than a Treadmill

Treadmills subject the entire body to significant repetitive stress. And the moving belt throws the foot off the belt so runners do not activate the hamstring muscles like they do outside, which can impact performance. 

To perfect form and speed, the Zero Runner is equipped with foot sensors in the pedals that enable you to monitor your gait. When connected to the SmartLink™ app, follow the gait tracing technology to ensure that you are as efficient at mile seven as you were at mile one. With the Zero Runner, you are freed from the high-impact forces of running, yet still can enjoy the natural, free feeling of true running. 

The Zero Runner is also quiet and is self powered. 

Run Stronger, Improve Form

The ZR8 model is the fast, versatile choice for the elite runner, marathon racer or anyone who wants to run more efficiently, longer and faster. It helps runners build endurance and speed while managing any recurring issues and avoiding overuse injuries. 

Plus, with the gait tracing technology on the Zero Runner, you can keep an eye on your form to ensure that it remains consistent and strong, even as fatigue sets in. Maintain proper form to reduce impact whether on the Zero or on the road.

Cross Training

Years ago, all runners did was run, eventually breaking down their bodies and having to end their running career early. Today, it’s still all about running – but smarter running. It’s incorporating cross training into running regimens to overcome weak links and build stronger muscles that get you to the finish line healthy. 

For runners who struggle to incorporate cross training, the Zero Runner makes it simple. With the CROSS CiRCUIT® routine, runners can alternate intervals of running on the machine with strength training and flexibility exercises on the floor. This delivers running-specific – but impact-free – training, combined with valuable strength and stretching moves that maximize stamina, help preserve form and create more balanced strength.

Zero Runner v. Treadmill 

Watch this video to see how the Zero Runner stride is the same as that used on a treadmill – only without the repetitive pounding and ground forces on the body.

That's why the Zero Runner is better than a treadmill. It provides you all the same benefits of a treadmill workout but the Zero Runner also provides protection for your joints. Incorporate the Zero Runner into your routine for greater efficiency, more strength and avoid injury. 




38" x 63 x59" (97 x 160 x 150cm)





5 Years 


1 Year


Key mechanical features


User defined running motion

58″ (147cm)

Aluminum Legs / Lightweight pedals


Tablet/reading rack placement option


CROSS CiRCUIT attachment points


Set of CROSS CiRCUIT resistance bands


Pedal Spacing


1.4″ (3.5cm)

Low step-up height

5.2″ (13.2cm)



Heavy-duty frame


Rubber non-slip pedals


Contoured moving handlebars


Water bottle holder


Whisper quiet operation


Transport wheels


Electronic Features


SmartLink Compatible 


Bluetooth® 4.0 for mobile device connectivity


Head up LCD display


Self powered


Quick Start (Run)


Cool down


Wireless heart rate (Polar® and ANT+)


Digital contact heart rate sensors


Product Specifications


Max user weight

300lbs (136Kg)

Footprint – live area

38” x 63” x 59″
(97 x 160 x 150cm)

Product weight







5 years


1 year



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